Thursday, 31 January 2013

Avacado Love

One of the benefits of starting this journey into plant based eating is discovering all these new and delicious foods that you never would have eaten before.  At the beginning it was like, "Hmmmmm, what can I eat?"  Now it feels like there is so much!

I have completely fallen in love with avacados.  Prior to eating plant based, the only way I ate avacado was in a California Roll when we ate sushi.  Now I eat avacados all the time.  Avacados are high in fat, but it is good fat and there is no cholesteral because it is not animal fat.  I love using avacodo as a spread instead of mayonaise.  I know there is a product on the market called Veganaise, but I've tried to avoid that as it feels just as processed and unhealthy to me.  Avacado is nature's perfect mayo, all ready to go, just slice and spread. 

Of course, let's not forget guacamole!  You can dip anything in there from veggies, baked pita chips to taco chips. 

This morning we all went to Tim Hortons to grab some coffee and breakfast before work/school.  On the way, my husband asked me if there is even anything I can eat at Tim Hortons, and admitted that he was still very confused as to what I can and cannot eat.  I said that I would get a bagel.  I remembered to pack an avacado that was the perfect ripeness and needed to be used today or it would go bad.  Of course, in the old days I would have gotten a bacon bagel belt (bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato) on a cheddar cheese bagel. 

So we place our order, and my husband gave me a strange look when I ordered my coffee black and my bagel whole, untoasted.  "Oh right creamcheese is dairy," my husband mumbled to himself as if just realizing it for the first time. 

I am lucky enough to have a kitchen in my office that is equipped with a toaster.  As I was toasting my bagel, I got my coconut milk from the fridge and added it to my black coffee.  I then sliced open my avacado and spread it on my mulitgrain bagel.

It was the best breakfast ever.  The avacado was creamy and it was nice and filling.  This is a breakfast I would never have discovered if I wasn't looking for an alternative to cream cheese. 

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