Friday, 8 February 2013

The Big C

This morning I found out via Facebook that one of our acquaintances has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  In the six years that my husband and I have been together, this is now the 5th person that we have personally known to be diagnosed with breast cancer specifically.  One of those woman was a wife and mother to two young boys and is no longer with us anymore. 

Cancer is becoming such an epidemic in North America.  You ask anyone and they personally know at least one person who has battled with some form of cancer. The rates of cancer in North America are so much higher than the rest of the world.  North American diet and lifestyle have to be the link. 

I'm not saying that if you eat a plant based diet that you are guaranteed not to ever get sick.  But the odds are so much better!

I'm also so very frustrated at just not knowing what is in our food.  Packaged food is deceivingly labelled to the point that nobody knows what they are eating.  When did we give up the right to know what we were putting into our bodies and our childrens' bodies?  We blindly assume that if it is sitting on the shelf then it must be safe to consume. 

Everyone is looking for a cure for cancer and raising funds for research for better treatments.  What about prevention?  People accept the fact the smoking causes lung cancer.  Nobody in their right mind would dispute that.  People need to be educated about the food they put into their bodies.  Read food labels.  If you can't understand an ingredient, don't eat it. 

Even better yet, consume foods as close to their natural state as possible.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that grow in the ground. 

I really hope that our friend wins her battle with cancer.  More than that, I hope North America wakes up to the epidemic all around them and sees that the prevention is not as mysterious or difficult as they might think.  The research is done.  Read "The China Study" or watch "Forks Over Knives" and make the decision for yourself. 

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